Weekend School – Robominors

Weekend School

Robotics class on Friday is a perfect way of engaging in fun-filled learning activities after a long week of classes. This school is the most flexible of our offerings. You can choose any Friday and the respective course of your liking.


6 – 9 years


2 months


PKR 3,200/month

The theme of our ongoing weekend school (22nd November to 13th December) is Recycling. Recycling waste material is one of the 21st century’s biggest challenges. It can give a second life to the materials that you use. Getting more people to consistently recycle their waste is a challenge, and one way to encourage more widespread recycling is to make sorting methods more efficient.

Amazing place and wonderful teachers. My kids enjoyed a lot along with learning. Thank you teachers for your extensive efforts.

Amna Arsalan

Course Outline 2019

Week 1 Recycling Truck Kids will build and program a truck to sort recyclable objects.
Week 2 Sweeper Kids will combine a broom with a cart to clean up a path covered in trash and leaves. Along with that they will also explore the scientific concepts of bevel gears, gearing up, pulleys, safety systems, distance and friction.
Week 3 DIY Activities We will raid our recycling bins for supplies and then make some cool eco savvy crafts.
Week 4 Cleaning the Ocean Students will explore collection technology and vehicles currently being used and proposed to clean the oceans of plastic waste. Students will also design a LEGO prototype of a device that could help remove plastic waste from the ocean.
Week 1 Electronics and Programming
  • Introduction to ESP32
  • Block Coding and pin layout
  • Breadboard and wiring
  • Digital Write
  • Built-in LED Blinking
Week 2 Electronics and Programming
  • Introduction to IF else and loops
  • Using ESP’s Internal Sensors (Temperature and hall effect)
  • Multiple LEDs blinking using delays
  • LEDs blinking based on sensor data
Week 3 Electronics and Programming
  • Difference between analog and digital
  • Using analog write on LED’s
  • Analog read using sensors
  • Using PWM on DC motors
  • Project Introduction and Discussion
Week 4 Electronics and Programming
  • Completion of project
  • Project demo and presentation
RoboMinors Weekend School 2018
Weekend School 2018 Highlights
Weekend School 2018 Highlights
RoboMinors Weekend School
Weekend School 2017 Highlights
Weekend School 2017 Highlights
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