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What is RoboMinors?

Founded in August 2016 RoboMinors provides robotics and STEAM based education to shape your children to become innovators of tomorrow.

Where is RoboMinors based?

RoboMinors is based in the beautiful Islamabad, Pakistan.

What programs does RoboMinors offer?

We offer summer camps, winters camps, on campus robotics clubs, weekday & weekend clubs as well.

What age group do you work with?

We have courses for kids between the ages 4 -16 year olds.

For 4- 5.5 year old we have a program called ‘Little Einsteins’.

6-10 year olds come under our ‘Juniors’ program.

11-16 year olds come under out ‘Seniors’ program.

What is RoboMinors Online?

RM Online was recently launched in April 2020. It is a series of virtual educational courses where children will learn the basics of coding, machine learning, website development, artificial intelligence, app development & much more.

These courses will not only help them to learn about the latest tools and programming languages but also acquaint them with lifelong learning skills of design thinking, problem solving, story telling and more.

Which courses are taught in RM Online?

We have a wide variety courses that are being taught to children between the ages 7-16 year olds. To name some few these include Scratch, Machine Learning, Android App Development, Web Development etc.

Does my child need any prior programming experience?

No. Your child will not need prior programming experience to attend our beginner level courses. Our mentors will be there to guide your child step by step through the course. Some courses do have a pre-requisite which is mentioned on our website.

Are these online courses self-paced or live?

Our online courses are taught live by our amazing mentors.

What is the duration of the online courses?

Each course finishes in 4 weeks.

How many times are the sessions held?

Sessions are held twice a week.

What is the time duration on each course?

Sessions are an hour long.

How many students do you enroll in each course?

To ensure the quality of our services, we enroll upto 5 student in our juniors courses and upto 6 in our seniors. One mentor is assigned to each course.

What tool do you use to conduct your sessions?

We use either MS Teams or ZOOM to conduct our sessions.

What if I can not attend the course after making the payment?

We have a refund policy mentioned on our website.

How do I get in touch with RoboMinors team?

You can contact us at:   info@robominors.com    +92 3215535897

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