Robo-Gamers – Robominors


Course Overview

In this course students will explore the science and art of computer programming using the BBC Micro:bit, a credit-card sized computer with built-in sensors and wireless communication, and the visual programming environment from Microsoft. Students will learn about coding and logic making through a series of fun individual and group projects.

Day 1

Flow Charts with Bits and Bricks

Students will be introduced to the world of programming and micro controllers. They will learn the basics of coding by making flow charts according to different conditions.

Day 2

Intro to Micro:bit

Kids will be given an introduction about Micro:bit and its various features like buttons, LEDs, accelerometer and compass will be explained to students. Afterwards they will create different animations on Micro:bit.

Day 3

Logic Building

Children will learn about if-else block, while-loop, for-loop and gaming blocks of Micro:bit. Then they will create Snap the Dot game.

Day 4

Games and Radio

On the fourth day, after learning about Boolean variables and random numbers, students will make a Dice and Rock Paper Scissor game. They will learn about radio interface and will make some games by connecting more than 1 Micro:bit through Bluetooth.


Day 5

Invent Your Own Game

On the last day, students will have a LEGO maze game competition in groups and then each student will create his/her own circular maze game.

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