Summer Camp – Robominors

Summer Camp

Beat the summer heat with STEAM and robotics short courses bundled inside three different summer camps. Each year, summer camp starts from May or June and continues on for three months.


3.5 – 16 years


3 weeks/camp


PKR 16500

Summer vacation is the perfect time for fun learning at RoboMinors! In our extensive summer camp, your child will get the proper STEAM education with courses such as integration robotics, programming, real-world science and art into a wholesome experience. This camp will help your child gain a unique set of necessary skills that will be useful in all future endeavors.

All I saw were smiling, engaged and motivated group of learners who are directed towards a new initiative. Jazak Allah for directing our future towards a greater purpose.

Reem Amin Ul Haq
RoboMinors Summer Camp 2019
Summer Camp 2019 Highlights
Summer Camp 2019 Highlights
RoboMinors Summer Camp
Summer Camp 2017 Highlights
Summer Camp 2017 Highlights
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