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Coding Masters

This course helps our young scientists become master coders by learning the two fundamentals of programming, i.e., Flowcharts & Algorithms. Children are taught to build and structure algorithms using flowcharts and then implement their knowledge on real-world problems.

Students will also be introduced to game development in MIT’s Scratch – world’s most powerful graphical programming language for early-age coders. Scratch allows children to drag, drop and combine blocks of code to create logic and run their codes for a range of interactive projects in the most fun-filled way possible. Students will also learn to develop animations and games using Scratch.

This all, combined with an experienced computer scientist on the other side as their mentor, students are going to love every minute of their journey in becoming Code Masters.


11 – 16 years


4 weeks


2 sessions / week

Group Size

6 Students

Course Outline

  • In depth intro to block-based programming
  • Intro to flow charts using flowol
  • Creating and editing flow charts to control simulated devices
  • Creating animations in scratch
  • Using scratch for story telling
  • Creating a scratch game using loops, conditionals, variables and interactions between sprites, score, and levels

Available Sessions

Time Seats
Rs. 6,000
Rs. 4,800
Feb 15 3.30pm – 4.30pm (PAK time)*
* 2.30pm – 3.30pm (UAE time)


Video: Why coding is so important to learn at an early age?

Video: What is MIT's Scratch?

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