Juniors Level 2 – Robominors

Juniors Level 2

Course Overview

Students will build fun projects around real world problems using LEGO Education kits! They will get a sneak peek into the world of computers and coding.

Day 1


Students will design a solution for a robot that would assemble a base on the moon.

Day 2


Students will learn about Egyptian civilization and the sphinx.

Day 3

Plants and pollinators

Students will learn about pollination and how bees play an important role in that.


Day 4


Kids will also explore the scientific concepts of bevel gears, gearing up, pulleys, safety systems, distance and friction.

Day 5

Line Following Robot

Students will use IR sensors to program a robot that follows black line.

Day 6

Trundle Wheel

Concept of measurement and calibration of different scales.

Day 7

Robotic arm

Students will explore how prosthetic designs help people with disabilities.

Day 8

Binary numbers and Scratch Jr.

Students will learn about binary numbers and basics of coding.

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